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Furniture Society Day 2

Today was inspiration in many different areas.  It  started with a run along the Charles River looking at buildings, parks, and details along the way.  Continued the run through and around Boston Commons—a large very beautiful city park in Boston—then back along the river and through the MIT campus.

After the run it was off to the Conference.  The first session: Advanced Vacuum Techniques, by Darryl Keil. Darryl is a very creative guy and demonstrated forming veneer around a cylinder, on compound curves, wrapping all the way around a board, and veneering crown molding.  How else do you get Carpathian Elm Burl crown molding?  For a great presentation on this subject, download Darryl’s video.

Then it was off to a variety of other presentations from guys like Thomas Lie-Nielsen, Michael Cullen, and Paul Schurch, who also has downloadable videos on the Better Woodworking site.

I also attended a slide presentation showing design students’ works; these students are from design schools all over the country.  Some very neat designs from artists that are pushing the design standards we think of as “good”.  It is great to see these artist developing ideas that are not limited by what you and I think are the limits of design, materials, or practicality.  Sometimes these designs really work, and sometimes they don’t.  But then again, who defines what works and what does not? To another set of eyes the results are totally different, but every once in a while a set of slides would come up from an artist and the crowd reacted in a very positive way, and sometimes not.

Well, until tomorrow…

Jeff Mertz

Design Editor

WOOD Magazine

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