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WOOD Magazine attends the Furnitue Society Conference

Good afternoon,

It is a busy day at the design desk at WOOD, I am finishing up the construction of one project and working on some designs trying to clear my plate for a few days out of the office.  It is not often that the designers get sent out of town on business so when we do we have to take advantage of the opportunity to let you know what is going on.


Over the next few days I will be atending the Furniture Society’s Annual Conference being held at MIT in Cambridge, MA.  Over these next few days I will be sending updates from the conference and showing some very inspirational pieces of furniture.  There will be traditional, contemporary, and ultra artistic pieces on display along with presentations from some of the best craftspeople in the game!

The name of the Conference is “FUSIONS: Minds + Hands shaping our future”  What better place to celebrate just that spirit than at MIT.  In 2004 Architect Frank Gehry designed the Stata Center on the MIT Campus.  In the spirit of architects like Frank Lloyd Wright or Antoni Gaudi, Gehry’s designs challenge the status quo in design and construction technology.  It is by challenging the mind  and the hand that we grow.Designed by Architect Frank Gehry

Check back over the next few days for some highlights from the Conference for some images that will definitly challenge the Mind + Hand!
Thanks, and be safe in the shop.
Jeff Mertz
Design Editor

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