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TOOL NEWS: Freud launches new woodworking blades

Freud has launched several new saw blades for woodworking, further increasing its arsenal of fine woodworking cutting tools. First is a new thin-kerf version of Freud’s acclaimed Premier Fusion 40-tooth general-purpose blade—one of the Top Tool blades in WOOD magazine’s review of 40-tooth blades in 2008. This new model, #P140T, features the same tooth design of the full-kerf blade—30° alternate-top teeth bevels, 18° hook angle, and double-side grind—but with a kerf thickness of only .091”, as well as the red Perma-Shield coating on the body.

Also new is Freud’s 7¼” version of its standout Ultimate Plywood & Melamine blade for portable circular saws. This new blade, #LU79R007, has 60 teeth with 38° top bevels, 2° hook angle, and .063” kerf thickness. It also has the Perm-Shield body coating.

Finally, Freud also has launched a series of blades designed specifically to fit Festool’s TS55 plunge-cutting rail-guided circular saw, which has a 20mm arbor. All are 160mm in diameter (about 6¼”) and have the Perma-Shield coating. Here’s a rundown on the four blades:
• LU79R006M20 Ultimate Plywood & Melamine — 48 teeth, 38° top bevels, 2° hook angle, .063” kerf thickness.

• LU86R006M20 Thin-Kerf General Purpose — 28 teeth, 10° top bevels, 12° hook angle, .063” kerf thickness.

• LU87R006M20 Thin-Kerf Rip — 14 teeth, 20° hook angle, and .063” kerf thickness.

• LU96R006M20 Thin-Kerf for Laminate Flooring — 48 teeth with triple-chip grind, -3° hook angle, and .063” kerf thickness.

For more information about these new blades, go to freudtools.com or call Freud at 800-334-4107.

One Response to “TOOL NEWS: Freud launches new woodworking blades”

  1. Can I get 8inch, and 10 inch wood table saw blades for a 20mm arbor (Inca table saw)

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