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A Change of Pace

My normal Thursday routine during the woodworking show season changed this week when I drove past the airport and continued another three and one half hours to Indianapolis, Indiana. I have to admit that not seeing those smiling TSA faces was a welcome start to what would be a very good weekend. The drive is a boring one with nothing to see but empty farm fields for the last two hours into Indy. Those wide open fields though were the perfect place for a large wind farm about an hour north of the venue. Seeing them from a distance was impressive but I was really amazed at how large they are when you see them up close. I’ve read about the complaints that these windmills seem to draw from nearby land owners but I can’t help the thoughts of the immense elegance that these power generators have.Indy TWS 0110 050

The drive made me hungry and the thought of going right to the noisy cluttered venue was something I wanted to delay. About 10 minutes from the show was the Indianapolis Museum of Art where I knew I could get a quick bite and a quiet unhurried walk through the galleries.Indy TWS 0110 017

 This museum is free and was surprisingly empty. I was told that I’d picked the right time of the day. I like kids but, had I seen a parking lot full of school buses, I probably would have driven by. On display was a circa 1900 cabinet that exemplified the Art Nouveau movement. The organic carvings and the wrap around metal hinges were the personification of craftsmanship.Indy TWS 0110 002Indy TWS 0110 003Indy TWS 0110 004

 In a hallway leading to another gallery was a view of the grounds of this museum campus. I’d like to go back when the weather was a bit nicer.Indy TWS 0110 016

 A couple of beautiful examples of the Tiffany Studio were also there. A small table lamp and a stained glass window were my favorites.Indy TWS 0110 013Indy TWS 0110 015

Attendance at the show was very good on Friday and Saturday but a bit light on Sunday. The Colts were in the playoffs and they were playing at home. In anticipation, one of the vendors had a monitor in the booth with the pregame coverage as well as kick off. It didn’t help. This was the playoffs after all. On Friday, a local TV station came in to interview some of the vendors and clubs. They spent time with my brother, Mike, in Cabinet Refinishing and with the Women’s Woodworkers Guild among others.Indy TWS 0110 033

 The Central Indiana Chapter of the American Association of Woodturners had continual presentations on free form, face plate and hollow vessel turning and these were very well attended.Indy TWS 0110 035Indy TWS 0110 040Indy TWS 0110 042

In the Show Off area, the rocking chair took top honors this week with a good showing by a well crafted jewelry box.Indy TWS 0110 020Indy TWS 0110 026 In general the aisles were packed, the seminars full and the attendees were buying so we had another successful weekend. I had a man in my seminar who said that he has budgeted $40,000 to build his dream shop and to house his relatively recent $20,000 tool purchase.  I may be older but I’m still adoptable.

Next week’s show in Atlanta will restart the routine again. My car will make the turn into O’Hare airport like it wanted to last Thursday. TSA will be smiling. All is right with the world. If you’re in Atlanta, come in and soak up the excitement.

“Til then, see you on the road.

Jim Heavey

WOOD Magazine’s Traveling Ambassador

2 Responses to “A Change of Pace”

  1. hi jim, i liked your blog. i live in west lebanon, in. and my house is near indiana 41, if you went by the windmills, i guess you were on 41. anyway, i missed the show this year, but i did see the game sunday, lol but thanks for showing the pictures from the show jim

  2. Hey Jim – I’ve been learning from your workshops at the shows in Chantilly VA for many years. It is always the highlight of my attendance. Every year I try to employ a new technique or jig that you ably demonstrate at the Wood Magazine booth. It’s not just your excellent craftsmanship but your ability to relate to your audience with humor and insight that always has me riveted . By taking the real world approach to projects and problems, you make this hobby fun instead of a chore. Since there is now a vacancy on PBS for the craft, perhaps you should expand your wardrobe of plaid shirts! Best to you and Mike –Tom Caso

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