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Figured Walnut

I’m quickly becoming a wood hoarder. “No! You’re far too young for such a malady!” you cry. But—alas!—it’s true. My lumber rack is filling up with projectless wood. I’ve rolled over into the mentality of buying wood based on its look with the hope that a project will come along one day.

Here’s my latest acquisition:

Figured Walnut

It’s two bookmatched slabs of figured walnut. I’ve gotten into a habit of looking for air-dried walnut, and when this came along on Craig’s list, I couldn’t resist. When bookmatched, it’s got a nice little heart-shaped crotch pattern sitting on top of flame figure—almost as if a heart is rising out of flames. I’d like to say that I have the perfect project in mind to showcase this gorgeous figure, but the truth is, it will probably sit on my shelf for years.

This is the type of wood that I end up taking down once in a while, dreaming about the great project it’s going to go in, then putting it away for further thinking. When inspiration hits, though, it’s fun to see the results. What about you? Do you have perfect pieces of wood that are waiting around for perfect projects?

Lucas @ WOOD Magazine

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3 Responses to “Figured Walnut”

  1. did she have any sisters at home? musta been megabux. absolutely stunning.

  2. I have a 9′ 2×6 waiting for a saw and a purpose.

  3. I childhood friend of my daughter’s got tired of the walnuts in his yard so had someone come and cut the “Black Walnut tree” down. He had 64 people on FB that said they wanted some. I am the only to show up. I made four trips with my 3/4 T van and one with my 5×8 trailer. The trailer has the stump on it, 28″ dia. x 26″ high. I don’t know what it weighs but am guessing about 600#. Whew! It was a bear to get on the trailer but think it will be worth it

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