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New tool compresses biscuits to equal thickness

Have you been in the middle of a glue-up, inserting biscuits into slots as the glue begins to set up, only to find that some of your biscuits have swelled and won’t fit? Well, Tom Foster has found a solution to alleviate that problem. Tom came by the WOOD magazine shop today to show us his Biscuit Press.


This tool is pretty simple to operate. First, take a biscuit that won’t quite fit into a slot made by your biscuit (or plate) joiner. Drop it into the Biscuit Press, crank the handle, and its knurled steel shaft pulls it through and compresses it. Adjust the depth rod until the biscuit fits just right in the slot, and then run as many biscuits as you’ll need through the press. All will be the same thickness. (Biscuits too thin to begin with will still be that thickness.) Tom said he is also working on an accessory version that will work similarly with the solid-wood tenons for Festool’s Domino joiner.



The Biscuit Press regularly sells for $259 at its Web site (biscuit-press.com), but Tom is selling them direct on eBay for $159 with no shipping charges. For more information, contact Tom by email at PWPLLC.USA@gmail.com.

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