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Turned Cheese Planes

The list is made and I’ve got three-dozen gifts to make in the next month. One of the gifts my son Carter and I have been working on is turned cheese planes.  Shown below is a very basic PIP for this project. Craft Supplies did have some very rudimentary instructions on their site, but I cannot find the download now. The key is the correct size of rabbeted tenon for the metal ferrule. I used scrap figured maple for the handles.


 Drilling the hole for the tang. The tape works as a depth stop for the hole.





 Shaping the jam-fit headstock.




CheeseSlicer-006Measuring the outside diameter of the female end of the turning with a 9/16″ wrench. A good fit of the ferrule on the rabbeted tenon is crucial.



PizzaCutters-020Carter sanding the handle smooth.








CheeseSlider-010Carter applying the finish (4 coats of Minwax Antique Oil Finish).







CheeseSlicer-023 The first three completed cheese planes.







Marlen @ WOOD

2 Responses to “Turned Cheese Planes”

  1. 37 years ago my Swedish uncle called these cheese misers.

  2. Notice Carter wearing earplugs as he is sanding and applying wax to the handles of the cheese planes. Good to protect hearing, but would suggest that he drape the cords over his back to prevent them from someday getting caught in the lathe and bringing him close and personal thereto!

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