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Finished church bell storage closet

I forgot to post this until now, but I’m officially done with the storage closet I built in my church’s choir room to store our brass handbells and accessories. First, here’s a photo of what I started with.


I studded up a front wall, added shelves and a floor, and three doors, as told in my last report. Since then I’ve stained and finished the doors and trim, cut and installed the trim, added the door hardware, and gave the shelves a final sanding. Here’s what it looks like now:



It was fun to build this project, even if it did take me a little longer than expected. But I did come in under budget—how often does that happen? It’s also a good learning experience, dealing with working away from my shop, and how to apply my woodworking skills to carpentry. Now I need a little time off before heading back into my shop to begin working on some Christmas gifts (it’s never too early to start).

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