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What I Did During the Summer

If I were able to take a trip in the Way Back Machine with Peabody, I could see myself in school in September being asked by one of the nuns, “so what did you do during the summer?” We didn’t have much money when I was growing up so I would usually say that I went to the park a lot. I recently got an email from a woodworker asking me that same question. I told him that I went to the bathroom a lot. I should explain.

We live in a 70′s era home that has a master bath. Now in the early 70′s, a master bath was considered a convenience. These were small, very functional rooms attached to the master bedroom. Today, a master bath is a destination with separate sinks, a tub and shower, whirlpool bath, his and her closets and more square footage than a three car garage. Anyway, we have been updating this bath over the years until my wife decided that we need to start over from scratch. She did this by slowly removing significant parts of the room while I was on the road. When she finally removed the drywall, I was forced into participating.

Her plan called for new lighting, plumbing and ventilation which I completed. With the new framing and drywall in place and concrete board in the shower area, She, we, decided that a niche would be nice in there also and had picked out the porcelean and glass tiles for me to install.

The floor tile would be a mix of shapes, sizes and designs to match her vision of the new room. Finally, we needed cabinets. My chance to get into the shop.

A plumbing chase on one wall geve me the chance to build a slide out cabinet to house some of her essentials. This was a plywood box inserted into the wall and a rack on full extension drawer slides. She wanted a natural Maple look with an accent. I made pulls from Wenge and finished it with water based poly.

The sink vanity was to be suspended off the floor, per her instructions, to give this small room an airier feeling.

Lastly, the cabinet opposite the mirror would need rain glass to mute the contents inside. Here again, the pulls on this cabinet and the vanity would be Wenge.
OTJohn cab

I always hate to show any “before” pictures of remodeling projects. I can just here someone say ‘wow, they used to live like that?’

In addition to visiting my grandchildren on the East coast and a son on the West coast, I did get out to Des Moines this summer to film a series of videos in the photo studio at WOOD. Five videos covering installing crown molding, finishing, glue up techniques, woodworking “secrets,” and table saw jigs should be available by the time the Woodworking Shows season begins in October. I’m currently planning for the season’s presentations. Looks like shop organization, layout and mechanicals could be the topics. A work in progress.

Now that the bath is done, its on to my vision. I’ve always wanted an Irish pub. I’ve got the perfect spot in our lower level family room. I’ll keep you posted.

Til then, I’ll see you on the road.

Jim Heavey
WOOD‘s Traveling Ambassador

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