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25 Interesting Facts about Deputy Editor Dave Campbell

In honor of WOOD Magazine’s 25th Anniversary, we posted 25 Interesting Facts about each of the folks who put out your favorite woodworking magazine. Here’s my list:

Dave Campbell, Deputy Editor

Dave Campbell, Deputy Editor

1. My earliest memory is of helping “John the Carpenter” put down new subfloor in my folks’ house. I was a preschooler with a hammer—what could go wrong there?

2. I’m now on my fourth tablesaw—the first was a hand-me-down Rockwell where I always had to measure the fence distance at both the front and back of the blade; the latest (and probably last) is a Powermatic PM2000.

3. I shunned American Idol for the first 5 seasons. Now I’m addicted.

4. I’m glad my kids are old enough now to appreciate the finer things in life, such as “Weird Al” Yankovic and Monty Python.

5. As my wife will readily attest, I’m a bit of a pack rat. I still have my first corded tool (an orange K-Mart circular saw) and my first cordless tool (a Makita drill with 9.6V stick batteries). I have newer, better versions of both but the originals still see their fair share of work.

6. A few years ago, I was privileged to perform on the same stage where my idol, Buddy Holly, performed his last concert ever—The Surf Ballroom, in Clear Lake, Iowa.

7. Whenever I sing the song Let it Snow, I change one lyric to “later on we’ll perspire/as we drink by the fire.” My wife hates it.

8. Although I subscribed to WOOD magazine for many years before, I turned the corner from “DIYer” to “woodworker” in 1993 when I built a crib for my then-unborn son.

9. I once spent a whole summer working out over lunch hours as part of a bet, and couldn’t wait to quit.

10. Counting college radio, where I met him nearly 30 years ago, I have now worked at 4 different companies with WOOD magazine Multimedia Editor Craig Ruegsegger. Seems he can’t get a job without my help.

11. When I was in grade school, I bowled every Friday afternoon in a league.

13. I paid $50 for my first car: a 1966 Chevy Impala that my brother totaled on an icy road.

14. We have four drivable vehicles at our house and only three licensed drivers.

15. My shop isn’t big enough.

16. No fear of commitment here. I never changed my major in college at Northern Iowa http://www.uni.edu/ —it was Radio/TV from day one, and I worked in the biz for 17 years. Moved to WOOD in 1998.

17. I do have completion issues, though. I often get 90% of a project done and then drag my feet to the finish.

18. I’ve never had an injury or illness serious enough to warrant going to a hospital (knock on WOOD). My first hospital experience was having UP3 surgery (for obstructive sleep apnea) when I was 44. My second was the following year.

19. I’m gradually changing every light bulb in our house over to compact fluorescents.

20. I’m bi: I work on Windows computers at home and a Mac at work. (I prefer PC.)

21. The one TV show I never miss is The Amazing Race.

22. Shoe size: 10-1/2. Hat size: 7-3/4. (Seems like I should be able to fit my head in my shoe with room to spare, doesn’t it?)

23. I’m really, really glad my wife talked me into buying a camper 4 years ago. I highly recommend it for any family before the kids get too old.

24. Most of my great ideas were invented before I got around to them (see #17). My latest? Vari-grit sandpaper that breaks down in a predictable and controlled manner, automatically changing from 100-grit to 120, then 180, then 220, so you only have to sand a project or part once. When the grit wears out at 220, the disc changes color to let you know it’s time to change discs.

25. I have 9,800 songs on my iPod(s).

3 Responses to “25 Interesting Facts about Deputy Editor Dave Campbell”

  1. Hi Dave,
    I hope you remember me. I invented the Automatic Flute Spacing Jig. Shopsmith did a 2 page spread on my jig,(Issue 185). I wish you would consider doing an article on it. I have received many testimonials saying how well they like the jig.
    I don’t even own a iPod. I guess that makes me old.
    Merry Christmas.
    Dan Locaputo

  2. re: #10
    My spin on this is that Dave can’t do a job without me.

    Craig Ruegsegger, WOOD magazine

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