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25 Interesting Facts about Multimedia Editor Craig Ruegsegger

In honor of WOOD Magazine’s 25th Anniversary, we posted 25 Interesting Facts about each of the folks who put out your favorite woodworking magazine. Here’s my list:

Craig Ruegsegger, Multimedia Editor

Craig Ruegsegger, Multimedia Editor

1.    My first woodworking project was a shoe-shine box for 4-H. It was built mostly by my dad.
2.    I have intersecting scars on my scalp from two separate childhood incidents; one on a toboggan, the other on a bike.
3.    My first big project, an enclosed CD cabinet of my own design, was built with a benchtop tablesaw and router borrowed (for months) from my brother, a Workmate, and about 6 clamps. It turned out pretty nice.
4.    I bought my first motorcycle in 1986 for $600. I sold it in 1988 for $600.
5.    I once rode my motorcycle (’98 Honda Shadow 1100) 1000 miles in 19 hours. Then rode 500 more in the next 18. So I could say I did. IronButt.com.
6.    My wife bought me my first router. I still have it and use it regularly.
7.    I once had the opportunity to handle the yoke during take-off in a small aircraft. Thought I was king of the world.
8.    While working at a lumberyard in high school, I set up the radial arm saw to rip a 1×8. Then I fed the board the wrong direction. Interesting demonstration of the physics of acceleration. (No one was injured.)
9.    I really enjoyed my 16 years in radio, even if I never became the famous rock jock I thought I would. Thank God for unanswered prayers.
10.    I find hand tools an indispensable part of my woodworking…but I’m not a fanatic about them.
11.    I do the ironing. And the dishes. And most of the vacuuming, too.
12.    Tools I’ve made myself that I use on almost every project: mallet, marking gauge, and two planes.
13.    Not counting the wife’s, I’ve had only four cars since 1986. And four motorcycles.
14.    I have first-hand experience with kickback on the tablesaw and jointer, and with unsecured material whipping around on a drill press. Valuable lessons all, but not a recommended teaching method.
15.    I got glasses in first grade; contacts at 26.
16.    My favorite hand-me-down tool is a #5 plane given up for dead by my grandfather. I restored it and it works great.
17.    I’m an optimist with scowl lines.
18.    The absolute best part of working in my shop is when my wife and daughter bring me a plate of oven-warm chocolate-chip cookies and a glass of milk.
19.    I’ve visited 45 of the lower 48. The Carolinas and Maine: Nothing personal. I’ll get there.
20.    I sometimes think I have run out of room in my shop for anything larger than a palm sander. Unless it’s clamps.
21.    If I had a million dollars, I’d secure my family’s financial future first. (Hey, alliteration!) Then I’d head to the motorcycle shops.
22.    I shot a man in Reno, just to watch him die.
23.    Magic power I wish I had: Teleporting from point to point.
24.    Woodworking magic power I wish I had: Squaring carcases with a glance.
25.    One of the above isn’t true.

One Response to “25 Interesting Facts about Multimedia Editor Craig Ruegsegger”

  1. Wood magazine, issue 194 Nov 2009. Ready to make the blanket chest and have never transfered a pattern to wood. I guess that you just cut along the lines and spray-adhere this to 1/4″ wood and bandsaw the lines? Also, is there a particular spray that is used?
    Ted Waters

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