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25 Interesting Facts About Senior Design Editor Kevin Boyle

In honor of WOOD Magazine’s 25th Anniversary, we posted 25 Interesting Facts about each of the folks who put out your favorite woodworking magazine. Here’s my list:

Kevin Boyle, Senior Design Editor

Kevin Boyle, Senior Design Editor

1.    I went to college to become a doctor and left with a degree in environmental design. It took almost as long.
2.    I own a small boutique winery that we started in 2003.
3.    My shop is in the garage and our cars have always been envious.
4.    Most of the furniture I build for our home has an Asian or contemporary influence. Wait… I don’t get to build stuff for our home, it all goes somewhere else.
5.    I am building all the cabinets, built-ins, and trim for my house. Started four years ago and I am still trying to get it finished.
6.    The only power tool I don’t own is a scrollsaw but, ironically, I end up building most of the scrollsaw projects for the magazine.
7.    I ran my first half-marathon this year.
8.    I began woodworking at the age of 7 by building boats with my grandfather.
9.    My first furniture commission was a pencil post bed. It turned out great, but unfortunately I had to remove a second-story window to get it into the client’s house.
10.    I do most all the cooking at home and yes, I do the dishes too.
11.    After getting my college degree, I started a house-painting business. I painted a few houses and then went back to college.
12.    On most weekends from spring through fall you can find me in our vineyard pruning or mowing.
13.    I am an avid mountain biker and spend a lot of lunch hours on the trails near the office. Sometimes I get lost on purpose.
14.    My first solo woodworking project was a sawhorse. It’s still in my Dad’s shop somewhere.
15.    My kindergarten teacher tied me up with a jump rope and put masking tape over my mouth during class one day. I guess she didn’t have access to Ritalin back then.
16.    I don’t have a computer at home and don’t mind it at all.
17.    My favorite hand tool is my Lie-Nielsen #102 block plane, but a close second is the deadblow mallet.
18.    My first car was a ‘55 Ford pickup that I bought from my brother when I was 14. I still own it and hope to get it running again someday.
19.    I have always wanted to be a chef.
20.    I listen to jazz and blues music.
21.    I once got hit in the eye with a spear. (I was the cowboy; my brother was the Indian.) Two weeks later I went to the hospital for a ruptured appendix. The following week I went back for 10 more stitches in my forehead (bathtub accident). The emergency room doctor and I were on a first name basis. No discounts, though.
22.    One of my favorite projects to design and make is clocks. They make great gifts.
23.    I have ten clocks in my office.
24.    Both of my children were born on a Friday the 13th. It’s my lucky day.
25.    I milled a couple of logs with an Alaskan chainsaw mill once. It sounded like a really cool thing to do.

3 Responses to “25 Interesting Facts About Senior Design Editor Kevin Boyle”

  1. I would like to send pictures of my project
    ‘Planter Box & Trellis’ to Kevin Boyle
    Does he have an E-Mail?


  2. I want to thank Wood Magazine and in particular, Kevin Boyle and his team, in particular, for the Media Center project in the November 2011 issue of Wood Magazine. I am a newby to wood working, so I built it with less expensive home center quality birch, rather than cherry. It turned out quite beautiful and the design proved flexible enough to allow me to hide several significant goofs.

    My only regret is that, after the all the effort, and after seeing the beautiful results, I wish that I had gone to the extra expense and used cherry wood.

    I found it an elegant, clean design, and the clear instructions, illustrations and photographs of key design and construction features gave me the confidence to tackle and successfully complete the project.


  3. I am trying to build the Planter Box and Trellis and have a problem. Are the dimensions for the drip frame slats correct? If so how to attach them to sides or ends? All the other pieces are ok and so far looks great. Thanks

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