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TV stand in da house!

Way back in November I started designing this project:

TV Stand

TV Stand

After all the building and finishing issues chronicled here I’m glad to report that it’s finally completed.

First, here’s the problem I was trying to address: a big TV on a too-small, press-board stand, purchased from Target. Note the DVD player, VCR, and TiVo stacked on the subwoofer in the corner on the left. The Wii console is in the lower corner of this shot; it was sitting on the floor next to the stand too.

TV Stand Before

TV Stand Before

Here’s the mess o’ cords behind it.
I persuaded fellow editor Lucas Peters to help me carry the new stand in (he owed me for helping him unload a tablesaw in the middle of an Iowa February).20090507TVStandAfter-Ft2

After a few hours of untangling and re-routing cables, the new stand was in place and ready to go.
And the rat’s nest behind is now minimized and hidden from view, contained between two false backs. (Note that the silver VCR didn’t make the cut. It’s been retired to the office to start digitizing old VHS tapes. Getting rid of those analog cables helped quite a bit with cord management. HDMI and fiber optic is the way to go!) The subwoofer is tucked out of sight behind the stand.
I’ve got to be honest: This was a frustrating project and I’d reached a point where I was ready to say “If it goes inside and I don’t like it, it’s going to Goodwill.” But now that it’s in and loaded with gear, I’m able to focus on the whole, and not the tiny little things that aren’t perfect. And I think it came out pretty well. I especially like the contrast of black and cherry. All the time invested applying (and reapplying…and reapplying) finish paid off. So sorry, Goodwill, this one stays here.

Craig @ WOOD

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