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Goodbye, old friend

Well, I finally had to throw in the towel on my old, second-hand, auction-bought tablesaw. It was my first tablesaw, and I hoped it would be my second-to-last tablesaw, too. My goal was to make it last until I bought “The Last Saw I’d Ever Own.” You know: the 3HP, 52-inch capacity cabinet saw that would have to be dropped in place by crane and not moved again until 2 weeks after my funeral.

I had made that old saw last in part due to my little-boy tendency to take everything apart to see how it works (or in this case, why it wouldn’t. It’s not like I could break it more!). That saw had been upgraded, retrofitted, and tuned up as much as the Ship of Theseus. It had been disassembled, fixed,and reassembled too many times to count.

But it was finally more money than I could bear to throw at it. Especially when I got a great deal on a lightly used hybrid. So there’s a new “Second-to-Last Saw I’d Ever Own” in the garage.

First item on the agenda: Take it apart, of course:

Craftsman hybrid tablesaw

More to come.

– Lucas Peters @ WOOD

2 Responses to “Goodbye, old friend”

  1. [...] Started by dismantling the saw, as is my habit. [...]

  2. This is the first time I have seen someone post about making a table saw station with this saw. I am happy to see it becuase I have the same saw and would like to do the same thing, or at least my take on it. Do you have an updated picture of the finished project?
    Brock Friedman

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