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It gets worse before it gets better

So my virtual shop took one step closer to reality, this weekend. Step 1 was the lumber rack. Step 2 is to build shelving on the opposite wall so that I could house everything that isn’t woodworking related. After -20° weather had me trapped indoors and going a bit stir-crazy, we finally had a couple weekends warm enough to get out in the garage. In fact, a few of the days were downright pleasant, melting much of the snow away.

So, the plan: sturdy, built-in, floor-to-ceiling shelves in the 15″ strip of space between wall and garage door. Unfortunately, before I could do that, I had to vamoose the little pine slat shelves that were holding garage junk. These shelves have traveled with us since college days. They are now bound for the basement where they will hold basement junk rather than garage junk.

So, before things get better, they got much, much worse:

Shop Shelves 1

Not to worry, though. The shelves are on the way. First, stringers lag-bolted to the wall and one on the ceiling.

Shop Shelves 2

Then, uprights attached to the ceiling stringer and front supports positioned by leveling from the rear supports.

Shop Shelves 3

Next, the plywood shelves. This bank of shelves was sturdy enough for me — a young lad of about 14 stone — to climb up and down it.

Shop Shelves 4

And finally, a much cleaner shop. I’ve still got some more to tidy up. And some of that stuff will migrate back into storage I build into the shop side, but all-in-all I’m very pleased, and I have much more room to work.

Shop Shelves 5

Stay tuned for a lighting update, and news on the tablesaw front.

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