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Straightening grain patterns

When choosing the lumber for the 7″-wide raised panels in my TV stand, I found a board wide enough to allow me to cut them in one piece without any glue-ups. Except for one. Can you find the joint line in this panel?
When laying out the panels, the cathedral pattern on this section of the board veered off to the right, instead of running vertically. So I had to cut the board at a bit of an angle to make the grain pattern closer to parallel with the sides. But the board wasn’t wide enough and one corner was lopped off, as this sketch shows.

Off-angle grain pattern
Off-angle grain pattern

So I took the wedge-shaped waste piece from the right and used it to fill in the missing corner on the lower left. This photo points out the joint line in the finished panel.

Glue line
Glue line

This fix allowed me to cut all four panels from one board for a close color and grain match. The curve of the raised panel helps hide the joint line. Plus I placed this panel at the rear, on the side closest to the wall, where it won’t get a lot of close inspection.


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