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Shop Progress

Well, you’ve seen the jam-packed shop, and the virtual shop. Here’s a progress report on the actual shop:

I’ve been picking away at it slowly as I wait for the truck to warm up in the morning. (Craig, when I’m late for carpooling, this is my excuse.)

But I managed to make some good leaps over the weekend. I’m tackling storage first. Mostly because I need some room to walk in order to get any other serious organization done. So, I got rid of some stuff that needed getting-rid-of. And I built a very sturdy lumber rack (You can find the simple plans in WOOD’s Best-Ever Woodworking Jigs, Homemade Tools & Shop Organizers pub. BEWJHTSO, for short).

Shop Reorganization 1

I’m planning out a sheet good rack to replace the clutter underneath. Any lumber should have a tidy place to land as it enters the shop.

I got some cheap hoists to get the (extremely underutilized) bicycles off of the floor and onto the ceiling. So, that will be my next install.

My wife peeked in occasionally, and I could see hope dawning that her car might actually make it in the garage one day. The previous night’s freezing drizzle was weighing on her mind. So I managed to get the blessing to prioritize the shop reorg over other household projects.

The next step will be to turn the opposite wall (where the car will live) into storage shelves.

And then I’m trying to think of a way to make some convenient storage above the garage door where space is pretty much wasted.

Shop Reorganization 2

There’s a good 3-4 feet of empty air up there! Any suggestions would be appreciated.


2 Responses to “Shop Progress”

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  2. They make hanging racks for above the garage door at Lowe’s and Home Depot you might look at those but you can make your own if you study theirs good to get an ideal? Looking good so far.

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