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I’ve mentioned in the past how I have “completion issues” sometimes when it comes to projects. I’ll get 90% of the job done, then lose interest.

We’ve been in our “new” house for almost 11 years now. The people who built the house didn’t put any cable TV or phone jacks in the upstairs bedrooms, which I thought was going to be a major nuisance when our kids got computers in their rooms. Of course, that was in the old dial-up modem days, so it turned out to be a non-issue in these wireless-router days. But we use the spare bedroom upstairs for all kinds of stuff including sorting and folding laundry. And my wife (who, God bless her, does almost ALL of that stuff for our family) has been asking me to pull a cable into that room for years, so she could watch satellite TV while she works up there.

As part of my shop rewiring, I also want the Dish Network signal out to my TV out there. (We get many of the Sirius satellite music channels through the Dish, and I wanted to be able to listen to those, as well as catch the occasional game out in my “man cave.”) And with the switch to Digital TV coming in February, I’d need another DTV converter for the shop TV.

But, there was no way I was going to pull cable out to the shop before she got it in that work room.

So, last weekend, I drilled a hole through that closet floor into the closet below and tapped into the cable outlet on the other side of the wall. Start to finish, it took about an hour with my son’s help. I came downstairs with my tools and said, “Well, you now have Dish in the 3rd bedroom.” Rather than being showered with affection at my manly cable-pulling skills, as I expected, I got a look and then she said, “That’s it?” as if all I had to do was flip a switch to make it happen.

I had planned to pull cable into the shop that day, too, but I think I’ll hold off for a few weeks (or do it under cover of darkness). I made her wait 11 years. Guess I can wait a little longer.


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