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Merry Christmas!

This is my last day in the office before Christmas, so I just wanted to wish you safe travels and good times with family and friends.

In my family, we usually do a sort of “random” gift exchange, where we never know who will end up with the gift we give. Could go to my 72 year-young mother, or my 22-year-old pro-football-playin’ nephew. Years ago, we decided as a family to stop spending money on gifts for this exchange and instead give gently-used “white elephant” type gifts. I persisted in making a small wooden gift each year.

Until this year. Two reasons: First, my competitive older brother complained that my gifts were always the ones that got “stolen” most during the exchange, and I think he was a bit jealous. But mainly, it’s because I had a couple of other projects on the bench I needed to wrap up, so I just didn’t have time to make anything this year.

The first project is a wall desk for my parents–a “commissioned” piece :) that my Dad designed, but wanted me to build. The other was a pair of light boxes–solid oak enclosures to hide the ugly 8-foot fluorescent fixtures in my mother-in-law’s dining room. Nothing fancy, but I managed to squeeze them in between kids concerts, etc. I’ll try to get some pix during/after installation and post them here.

Hope your projects went as well as mine.

Merry Christmas!


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