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A banner week

Things are looking up. They’re no longer calling me “Hard-Luck Luke” around here. If you read my last post, you’ll remember that I was left with no working computer,  a busted tablesaw motor, and a long weekend.

Things took a huge turn this past week:

1) I made a trip to Boston where I got to assist Bob H. in interviewing a certain famous woodworker (2 hints: name rhymes with “form.” First letter: N).

While there, I did my own interview of one Fred Heim, a long-time woodworker and boat builder who recently got in to building 1/2 scale models of trucks and construction equipment out of wood, aluminum, and PVC. Here he is with a 1/2 size, fully remote control 980H Cat loader.

Fred Heim

To top it off, I arrived at my hotel just in time to watch my Oklahoma Sooners win the Big 12 championship game over Kevin‘s Missouri Tigers. UPDATE: Sam Bradford took the Heisman!

2) Arriving home, I found that not only did my replacement computer come in, but also my tablesaw parts. I’m back in business.

3) I got my computer set up just in time to find a Craig’s list post about a hardwood sale. A high-end furniture maker was moving to California and needed to liquidate his inventory. Craig R. (no affiliation with Craig’s list) lives around the corner from me and he didn’t need much convincing to come along. I came away with a gorgeous slab of walnut that I might use as the top in my dresser project, along with a couple of pieces of maple, and a couple of boxes of heavy-duty drawer slides for a song.

Top that off with the office Christmas party, and I’m no longer singing the blues.


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