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More Bad Translations From Tool Companies

Here are some more bad translations about oscillating spindle sanders from a Web site. (I couldn’t make this stuff up, folks–it’s actually hard to write this poorly. I should know!)

This, regarding Jet’s JBOS5:

“JET’s fixed end in opposition to this instrument was to plan the charles herbert best spindle sander on the securities industry, and repoint by repoint the keep company has succeeded through and through best novelty instead than be edged. First, this benchtop sit is threefold the weighting of others on the securities industry and has a 1/2-horsepower motor against the 1/4-horsepower motors mould in many several other places. This substance larger pieces won’t peat bog downward and the political machine testament go smoother. Two first-class plan improvements ar the resettled and certain on/off shift (to forestall dust infiltration) and shelves at which place you tin infix and stash away your 5 consummate spindles.”

Yep, the Charles Herbert Best on the securities industry… I’ll bet that power cord is insulin-ated…

BTW, that sander also sports some great features, such as:

Large mold press tables of quite sizes to palm projects.
Table tilts to 45 degrees palm quite chamfer sanding projects.
The 1″ oscillating spindle sue provides a inscribe liberal goal and prolongs arm lifetime.
Powerful 1/2HP inductance motor to hold regular the heaviest sanding projects.
Four non-skid no-good feet forbid the political machine from influencing spell in habituate

On Delta’s BOSS:

“If only when we’d had unitary of these while we reinforced those dolly cradles–and sanded totally the small curves and crannies by deal! This beaut takes total the act come out of jobs same that. No glow marks–ever–because of the oscillating process. Sure, you tin ditch a small beat sander into your practise press out, mete you’ll feature to sell with that pestering breach betwixt the thrum and the tabulate. This sander eliminates that.”

Yeah, if only… and I’m all in favor of anything that will eliminate that pestering breach.

Not in the market (or, rather, “securities industry”) for a spindle sander? Maybe you’d like to check out this router from Makita:

This Makita plunge router has a robust 15-amp motor that delivers 22,000 rpm in favor of smooth out, clear routing. It features an electrical fern on this account that ready stops so you won’t impair your workpiece. It has 0 – 2-3/8-inch plunge deepness content on the side of leisurely insight into or through and through workpieces on in the opinion of multiple deepness adjustments. Designed by the agency of completely orb heading twist, this Makita is reinforced to utmost. It has a conveniently placed change in the place of easygoing functioning, and accepts 1/2-inch and 1/4-inch stem bits. Last however non to the lowest degree, its scape interlace substance ready and easygoing flake changes.

Dude! An electrical fern! Why didn’t we think of that?


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