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Virtual Shop

So, I was exploring Sketchup’s 3D warehouse — a library of models that you can download for your personal use — and found a nice little collection of woodworking tools posted there.

Though none of the models represented the exact tools I have, they are close enough that I can do a rough layout of my garage/shop. (A recent move leaves me with a blank slate for a shop. I’ve yet to get organized, but I’ve made a little progress since this entry.)

The nice thing about doing a shop layout in Sketchup is that it is much easier to visualize the results than it was with the little gridded paper and the xeroxed tool icons.

Sketchup Shop 1

The bad thing is that nobody has bothered to model “clutter.” So anything I create is going to be a pristine ideal. This doesn’t show the lawn/gardening equipment — mower, hoses, rakes, shovels, ad infinitum — that I am housing in the garage until I can build a garden shed (which is in line behind a billion other projects). Nor does it show the in-progress projects that usurp the space for the tools. Nor the “get-rid-of” pile from the move.

Of course, this is a rough layout. Since I’m in 1 stall of the garage, I’ll be putting together a storage system that will house all of my benchtop tools and allow me to switch them out on the mobile base you see in the center.  I will model the worksurfaces and storage that I want to put in so I can start transforming it from a garage into a shop. As you can see, I’ve already transformed my wife’s car into a red convertible to help sell the idea.

Sketchup Shop 2

2 Responses to “Virtual Shop”

  1. [...] my virtual shop took one step closer to reality, this weekend. Step 1 was the lumber rack. Step 2 is to build [...]

  2. I trie dthis, but there was more clutter than tooling, and I lost interest – the garage, ahem, worskhop has a slop outside made of many planes – difficult to get to match reality, but I WILL return to it sometime soon (oh, for the lack of projects…)

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