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Pimp Your Cabinet Saw

One of the most memorable parts of the International Woodworking Fair (IWF) in Atlanta last week was stumbling upon the Wood Werks Supply booth. This woodworking supply house in Columbus, Ohio, sells, among other things, Powermatic’s PM2000 cabinet saw. Big deal—a lot of places sell that machine, right? But at Wood Werks, their “Powermatic Customs” program allows you to trick out your saw before they ship it.

For a couple hundred bucks on top of the price of the new saw, these guys will polish the tabletop to a near-mirror finish using the very same Blanchard-grinding machines that Powermatic used to use in McMinville, Tennesee, when the classic PM66 was still made in the USA. Also included in that price is an upgrade to a 3-hp Baldor motor to replace the factory motor that comes with the PM2000. (Wood Werks calls these customized saws PM20066, combining the best of both generations of the Powermatic saw.) And they’ll add a name plate that says the saw was custom made for you.

MichSt PM2000Here’s where it gets interesting. For about $350 more, Wood Werks will also custom-paint your saw to just about any color scheme you want. Michigan Wolverines fan? Paint your saw blue with gold trim. (Sorry Northern Iowa fans—no purple paint yet, although they tell me they’re working on it, or you can order custom colors for an extra fee.)

Flamin' PM2000Rob from Wood Werks told me that they’ve even made a few PM2066’s with custom, airbrushed flames, which adds about $700 to the cost of the saw. (Marc Spagnuolo, aka The Wood Whisperer, has one of those…)Flamin' fence

You can add flames to the fence, too…

Nice knobsAnd you can replace the plastic factory-supplied fence knob with an aluminum, cherry, or cocobolo version for $25–$35 more.

Before you plunk down your cash, the Wood Werks site lets you actually print, cut, and assemble a little scale model of your saw.

Sounds like a great idea until you try to actually do it.Paper PM2000 1

Paper PM2000 2

I gave up on it after about 20 minutes, but I got an glimpse of how my saw would look in blue and white. (Think I’ll stick with the classic gold…)


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