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Sneak Peek at Disney Wood Shop

Being a hot-shot editor at the world’s largest woodworking magazine has its fringe bennies. I threw my weight around a little (and Lord knows I’ve got enough to throw around) and got an exclusive tour of Mickey’s personal shop. Sorry for the poor quality of these photos, but The Mouse has a strict “no photos” policy, so I had to sneak them or else risk a visit from a couple of Mickey’s goons.
Here’s the first tip I learned from the Mouse… Utilize any available wall space by using really huge pegboard to store your Craftsmouse hand tools…
Mickeys Shop1

And nothing holds a chimney on a doll house like a massive, almost cartoonishly large C-clamp.
Mickeys Shop1

If you don’t hear from me for awhile, you’ll know that his enforcers caught wind of this posting. Whatever my fate, it was worth it to bring you this inside look.

Vaya con dios!


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