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As my loyal, loyal readers know (I see you, Dave. Don’t you have a meeting?), the move from the Sooner state saw most of my tools left behind in a defunct dairy bar on my parents’ rambling country estate.  But now that we’ve settled back down into Mortgage-town, the remainder of my tools have managed to make their way into my garage.

First order of business, fix up my neglected old tablesaw. I bought a early-to-mid-80s Craftsman contractor saw at an auction a few years back. Plus, a friend and employer from way back in my construction days was retiring and generously gave me a nearly identical saw. I took the best parts of both saws and came up with Frankensaw:

Old Tablesaw 1

I’m most excited about the Biesemeyer fence which officially makes the fence more valuable than the saw and gives me about twice the capacity of what I had before. After I cleaned off the barn-spider cobwebs and the rust (Boeshield to the rescue), things were looking better and better.

After sitting in an old barn for several months the belt was pretty much petrified, so I replaced it with a v-link belt. That really smoothed out the saw’s operation:

Old Tablesaw 2

Then, I installed some tablesaw PALS. All you guys with contractor saws should look into these. If you’re not familiar, PALS replace the bolts that hold the rear trunnion. They add a fine-adjustment thumbscrew that lets you tweak the alignment of your trunnions. This eliminates the old hammer-tap and pray method of aligning your blade to the miter slot. Here’s a closer picture:

Old Tablesaw 3

I don’t want to sound like a shill or anything, but in the time it used to take to align the blade with a mallet and wrench, I probably could have installed these and aligned the blade three times.  Well worth the $20.

I went ahead and installed a temporary wing between the fence guides, but my goal is to eventually turn it into something like this:

Old Tablesaw 4

It’s the tablesaw/router cabinet from the Oct. 2003 issue. Since I’ve got 1 bay of a 2-car garage to work with, I’ll need the mobility and the multi-tool integration.

– Lucas

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