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Shop Tip From Disney

You just never know when (or where) you’ll stumble across a great idea for your shop. While on vacation in Orlando a few weeks ago, my daughter bought a brass ring from a streetside vendor. (Actually, it was right outside the “Hoop-De-Doo Review” at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground, but I digress…)
This guy (shown below) takes a brass ring blank and customizes it with your name, or your girlfriend’s name (“I[heart]Annette”), or whatever, using a coping saw to relieve the letters. After the cutting, he buffs away the burrs and polishes the ring before handing it to the dough-eyed preteen who purchased it.

The buffer in his cart was stashed inside a two-sided drawer (shown below). It kept the buffer out of sight (possibly on orders from the Mouse himself?), and contained off-fling from the buffing wheel.
Grinder Drawer1

To keep the motor cool during those hot muggy Orlando days, there was a fan built into the drawer front (below).
Grinder drawer2

Seems like an idea I could incorporate into my own shop: Maybe put my benchtop planer on a partial drawer like that with super-heavy-duty drawer slides… Or build a fan into my sander storage drawer to cool that warm tool after a long sanding session…

That wasn’t the only Disney-inspired shop tip I saw on vacation. I’ll post the other shortly… BTW, after spending $1,500 on gas alone to get from Iowa to Florida and back, a couple of shop tips are the least I should expect in return…


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