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Shop reorg, Chapter 6

In my last post about this, I said I knew myself well enough to know that I’d be moving machinery around several times before I was done. How true.

As shown in Chapter 5, there wasn’t enough room for the drill press next to the DC cabinet. So I moved the drill press back to its original position. Then I decided to swap it and my bench so that all my machinery would back up to (or at least be within reach of) the main DC trunk. That worked great… until I wanted to get into the attic storage above the garage. The corner of the bench sits right where the pull-down ladder to the attic needs to rest. So the bench and DP were switched once again. The planer was moved once. The miter saw was drug around to a couple of locations, then ended back in the spot where it’s always been. But now at least I think I know where everything is supposed to go.

Getting things positioned is a big step, but I feel like I lost a whole weekend that I hoped would be spent plumbing the DC line. Not that I had the ductwork to work with anyway. I’ve decided on PVC instead of metal ducting because the run will be about 8″ above the floor. PVC won’t get crushed when I lean a piece of plywood or something against the wall.

I found all the wye’s and fittings I need at the local big box store. The problem came when I drove into the lumberyard to pick up the pipe. It was a putrid looking green. Not a problem if you’re using it as sewer pipe and intend to bury it in the ground, but it would look like… well, sewage against my white walls. I tried five other stores but couldn’t find it in white. Plumbers and plumbing supply houses aren’t open weekends, so I’ll try to track down white pipe this week.

Once the trunk and branches are plumbed in, I can start connecting machines. THEN I can start on yet another shop cabinet for general storage, and a new clamp rack. Maybe someday I’ll get back to building something that’s on the wife’s list!

Craig Ruegsegger

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