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Shop Reorg, Chapter 3

It was a productive week for the shop re-org. The two old cabinets were sold. $15 each, so I got all but $5 of my original investment back. Not bad. Getting those out of the way helped give me a bit of breathing room. During the weekend, I got all 8 drawers built and installed. The drawers have a groove down each side that fits over hardwood runners in the cabinet. It took a bit of planing of the runners to get a good sliding fit, but after sanding and waxing, they glide like silk.

Now all I need to do is make the false drawer fronts and the doors, then I can paint the cabinet and move it into place.

I still want to make sliding trays to go behind the doors. Because the cabinet is so deep, they’ll be necessary so I don’t have to pull out everything in the front of the cabinet to get to what I need, which will inevitably be at the rear. The trays can be built after the cabinet is in place.

I know, this post would be better with pics! Frankly, the shop was such a pit, that I was embarrassed to take any. But now that the drawers are in the cabinet, I’ll try to snap a couple tonight to post later.

Craig Ruegsegger

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