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Shop Reorg – The cause, the solution

Oh man, do I want this cabinet built and done with. My shop looks like it’s been turned upside down and shaken.

To ready the old cabinets for sale, I had to empty the contents into boxes. Those boxes are piled on and around my second bench. The cabinets then went to the front of the garage, leaving j-u-s-t enough outfeed space at the jointer. The motorcycle had to be moved over to within inches from the sheet goods rack. And I only sold one of the old cabinets, so the larger of the two still sits in the garage. The carcase of the new cabinet lies on its back in the middle of the floor by the main bench. There’s j-u-s-t enough room for me to squeeze around it. And that’s only possible because I’m not a very big guy. The bench is piled with tools and hardware. The wing of the table saw is piled with drawer parts. And I still have to step over that #!*% DC duct a hundred times a day!

I’m able to work and find what I need, but shimmying sideways around the cabinet carcase is getting old. And that cabinet is the key to getting everything reorganized. Odd isn’t it? The cause of the problem is also the solution.

Craig Ruegsegger

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