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One thing leads to another

I’ve acquired a new dust collector, a 1 1/2hp Jet. It’s just enough bigger than my old machine, footprint-wise, that I need to do some rearranging of the shop so I’m not tripping over the hose. So I measured all the tools, cabinets and my bench, made scale drawings of them and my shop and then proceeded to start arranging things on paper. Much easier than pushing machines around. It’s also something you have to really think about. One factor I neglected to consider initially was room for me! So I made an additional scale of about 30″ square and called it “My Space”. Then after getting machines in the positions I thought would work, I moved “My Space” around to see if I could fit between the machines and had enough room to work. I also made a scale of a 4′x8′ sheet so I could test whether I’d have enough room to move sheet goods.

I think I’ve got the layout decided. And like so many projects, before you can do what you originally wanted (relocate the DC) there are about 10 other things that have to be done first. I’ll get some “before” shots of the shop and post them so you can follow along as I go through this. The big picture view is I’ll be getting rid of at least one, possibly two floor-standing cabinets. To find a home for the items in those cabinets, the DC will rest on a 40″-high cabinet with doors and drawers. Then I’ll rout ducting along one long wall (about 25′) and branch off for each of the machines.
Pics to come to help you get your bearings.

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