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Dresser Design IV: Details

Just a few details added.

I made the dresser 2″ deeper, which I think helped the proportions. This is going to be a big piece of furniture, though. I also figured out how to hide the extraneous geometry that showed up when I was extruding those curved pieces like the drawer fronts and curved trim pieces (select the line, right-click and select “Entity Info.” In the Entity Info palette, select either “hide” or “soft”).

Dresser IV 1

Then I added a piece of trim under the top. As Matt suggested to me, a thicker top would reduce the bottom-heavy appearance. I have to check my mahogany supply (which is residing in a different state, at the moment) to see if I have enough thick material to make a thick top. Until then, I’ve gone the cheap route of putting a trim piece under the top to see if it will give the appearance of thickness.

Dresser IV 2

It helps a little, and I could probably experiment with some different profiles, or just edge the top in a wider band, but I have a feeling that the best solution is going to be a thicker top.

I’ve still got to figure out the drawers, and I’ll probably change the back legs, but I think we’re zeroing in on it.

Oh. And then I’ll have to start thinking about designing a mirror to attach (and then a complementary chest of drawers, and side tables, and bed, etc. ad infinitum).

Comments, critiques, suggestions, questions are welcome.

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