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Dresser Design II: Sketchup and Splinter

OK. So, I’ve had a few days to get back up to speed on Sketchup. Had to pick up a few new tricks to get the curves done, but I think I’ve got it on the run, now.

I set aside the project for a trip to visit with Joe Harmon. He and his team are pulling out all the stops to build a supercar made nearly entirely out of wood. The Splinter is simply an amazing project, and the things these young folks are doing with laminated wood, ingenuity, scavenged parts, and a generous amount of pizza nearly boggles the mind. I’ll tell you this, I’m inspired. This dresser with its trifling double curve doesn’t seem nearly as daunting after seeing the graceful compound-curved lines of the Splinter. Click here for links to Splinter. And keep an eye out for more coverage later this summer.

So after a few more hours this weekend, here is where I stand:

Dresser II

I still have to model the drawers. I’ve got to add a couple pieces to the drawer dividers. And I’m considering a piece of trim to run under the dresser top.

One thing you should note is the front feet. I got the models for these from Osborne Wood Products, Inc. They offer downloads of .dxf files of many of their products so you can incorporate them into your design. You simply import them into your Sketchup project.

Questions, comments, critiques are welcome.

2 Responses to “Dresser Design II: Sketchup and Splinter”

  1. fantastic project, really like the bowed front. is the sketchup file available?

  2. I like your design. Do you have dimensioned plans?

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