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Who is Lucas?

Hello, I’m the new guy. Lucas Peters, at your service. I’m the brand new Multimedia Editor here at WOOD Magazine. Among other things, it will be my job to greatly expand the subject matter and number of videos that WOOD offers on the WOODVision section of Woodmagazine.com.

I figured my blog would be as good a place as any to tell you about myself. And, as this is a magazine, I’ll need to polish up my journalism skills anyway, so let’s do an interview …

Q: Why do you say you need to “polish up” your journalism skills? Don’t you have any journalism training?

A: In fact, I do. I graduated from the University of Oklahoma School of Journalism and Mass Communication with a degree in Professional Writing. I began a career in educational publishing and drifted over to the multimedia side of the …

Q: Aha! So, you don’t have any training in multimedia?

A: No institutional training, no. Rather, on-the-job training in successively more advanced …

Q: Yeah, yeah. So what are your woodworking qualifications? This is a woodworking magazine, after all.

A: Well, I started work for a small construction company in high school and put myself through college while working for them. The jobs we did varied from homebuilding to remodeling jobs to cabinetmaking. I would still consider myself a woodworking novice who has much to learn about …

Q: A novice?! How did you end up with my dream job working at the world’s largest woodworking magazine? You don’t seem to have the credentials. What makes you qualified?

A: I’m devastatingly handsome. At least that’s what I put on my resume. I assume that won them over. These are some very hard-hitting questions, by the way.

Q: Hey, you’re writing both sides of this interview. If you want me to tone it down …?

A: No, no. That was meant as a compliment on your journalism skills.

Q: Thank you.

A: You’re quite welcome.

So, there you have it. That should tell you everything you ever wanted to know about me. However, if some of you budding journalist-woodworkers are still brimming with questions about me, fire away! Click the comments link below, scroll down and enter your questions into the “Add a comment” field. Better yet, send me comments about what types of videos you’d like to see on the WOODVision section. Which videos do you like? Which get a pass? Which topics would you like to see more of? I look forward to hearing from you.

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