Weekend with WOOD 2018 Sweepstakes Official Rules

Weekend with WOOD Sweepstakes

Official Rules

Void outside the 50 United States, District of Columbia and where prohibited. Do not proceed to enter if you are not at least 21 years of age and a legal resident of, and located within, one of the 50 United States, or the District of Columbia at the time of entry. By participating, you agree to be bound by these Official Rules and the decisions of the Sponsor, which are binding and final in all matters relating to this sweepstakes.


Finish Your Finish

I’ve always believed that if a project’s finish doesn’t pass the “touch test”—when running your hands over the project, you feel a flawless, satin-smooth surface.


Take Your Projects From Good to Great

Chisels, planes, card scrapers, and handsaws have lofty reputations as tools reserved only for expert craftsman who understand their mysterious vagaries. Nonsense. If you don’t have them already, outfit your shop with a set of bench chisels, a block plane, a No. 5 jack plane, a card scraper, and a Japanese pull saw. Learn to tune the planes, and sharpen all but the saw. (Replace its disposable blade rather than sharpen it.) All provide superfine control of a workpiece’s dimensions and, when well-tuned, prove a pleasure to use.


Amp up your Workbench

Every shop has some form of a workbench, but have you maximized yours to its full potential? The addition of a few well-chosen accessories really helped boost my bench’s usefulness.