How to Work With Natural-Edge Slabs

Let Mother Nature be your co-designer as you build dazzling projects with wavy edges, bristly burrs, bark inclusions, and other “flaws” that give wood a look of unrefined beauty.


Tuning up your portable planer

Compared to the versatility of the tablesaw and jointer, the planer is a one-trick pony. Its only purpose in life is to machine opposite faces of stock parallel with each other and to a desired thickness. Of course, even a pony has to learn its one trick well before you put it through its paces—and the same goes for a planer.


Making the Perfect Frame

Sometimes it’s easy to take the simplest-looking things for granted. While working on a scrollsawn picture for one of my kids, I spent more time thinking about the process of making the picture than the frame I would put around it. After all, how hard can it be to miter a simple frame? I’m pretty happy with the frames I’ve made, but the skill came from a lot of practice and some solid techniques. Here are some of the things I've learned, occasionally the hard way. Note: I focus on making a frame using a mitersaw.


Pipe Dreams

Tired of constantly dragging dust-collection hose from one machine to another? As you plan a hard-piped dust-collection system for your shop, consider these options.

Thin-wall PVC pipe and fittings

Cost: $$$$


Two-saw Tuneup

Here's a tune-up process for your tablesaw and bandsaw that doesn’t take much time and returns their dead-on accuracy.


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