Idea Shop 6, Paycheck 20: Wall Storage

Build versatile wall storage using perforated hardboard (one brand is Pegboard). Hung from the same type of beveled French cleat as the clamp rack, you can make, move, and arrange several panels to suit your needs. Hooks and hangers, right, come in a variety of sizes and functions. For example, short hooks accept wrenches, and you can make a shelf by resting a piece of scrap stock on a pair of longer hooks with supports. To bank enough money to buy the planer later, we made just one panel for now. 


Idea Shop 6, Paycheck 19: Flip Your Top

With this paycheck, purchase the lumber and hardware for building an innovative flip-top bench. The plan is free here. As your tool collection grows, simply rotate the top and bolt new acquisitions to the opposite face. Or leave one side empty to use as a worksurface. A length of black pipe sandwiched between the benchtops serves as a pivot. Cutoff bolts inserted through each end secure the benchtop for work. Casters allow you to move the bench as needed to feed stock into tools. The planer shown in the photo will be purchased down the road after saving a few more dollars.


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Idea Shop 6, Paycheck 18: Pop for a Jointer

This check and some of your savings purchase the first half of your one-two punch for dressing lumber. With a jointer, you can easily flatten the face of a board, and then square one or both edges to that face. Starting with square surfaces simplifies joinery, measuring, and assembly. While a jointer can flatten a face, it can’t make opposite faces parallel. That’s the planer’s function, and you’ll acquire that essential machine three paychecks down the road.


Idea Shop 6, Paycheck 17: Fairing Well

When woodworking plans throw you a curve, reach for a fairing stick. This simple device flexes and holds its shape allowing you to trace a curve along it. A string on this version pulls the ends toward each other, then a sliding tab locks the string in position. Get the plan here, then build fairing sticks in several lengths to help you draw arcs of all sizes. Watch this video demonstrating how a fairing stick works.

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