Finishing reclaimed lumber

Building a project from reclaimed lumber creates a piece with instant character, not to mention the green benefits of salvaging some wonderful material. But freshly cut edges and ends lack that time-worn patina and stick out like a sore thumb. With a little trial and error, plus a mix of finishing techniques, you can have your reclaimed-lumber projects looking good as old.

To demonstrate, we built the chairside chest from issue 229 (November 2014) using pine shelving rescued from a shut-down, century-old shoe store. 


7 Ways to Customize Cabinets

Building your own shop cabinets isn’t rocket science (See More Resourcesbottom of page, for cabinet-building tips). But if you’d rather buy than build, start shopping for inexpensive unfinished or ready-to-assemble cabinets at a home center. (We found a 12"-wide unfinished wall cabinet for $35, for example.) Most you can finish and install for all-purpose storage—if they don’t buckle under a stack of stoneware dinner plates, they’ll hold your tools. You can also modify them for special uses, such as tool stands.


Body Mechanics Proper Plane Form

With a sharp blade and by moving your arms and legs in unison, shavings will flow from your hand plane with minimal effort. Follow these simple steps to improve your results.


6 Profiles

In this article, Jim Heavey shows you how you can use an ogee with a fillet to create six different profiles.