Skip the sandpaper and wipe away pencil marks

I tried to sand some pencil marks off plywood and ended up sanding through the veneer. Nuts! How do I remove pencil marks without ruining the plywood?

Submitted by WOODreader2

Sorry about the plywood. Veneer on modern plywood can be as thin as 1/50". It doesn’t take long for a power sander to eat through that. Next time, dab a shop towel in denatured alcohol and use it to wipe off the pencil marks. The alcohol acts as a solvent for the graphite in pencil leads and evaporates without leaving a residue. Let the project piece dry completely before applying finish.

Answered by caroline.jones
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I always go with the white eraser and the lead that comes with it. for some reason the replacement lead doesn't erase as well, but you can buy them at "S"ome "S"tores for cheap. will try the alcohol now because these guys have never steered me wrong. j
Submitted by jmatacola

The white, draughting style eraser is softer and has never left any mark or residue behind to show through a stain.
Submitted by jreid03

Pink erasers are the best. Of course lite lines clean up easier that heavy ones
Submitted by hskaminski4186361

I find that those pink rubber erasers work best for me. The rubber particles are easily brushed off and pencil marks just disappear..... Joe
Submitted by joerz161