A cooler way to keep glue warm

Because I heat my shop with a wood stove, the temperature drops quickly when I’m not woodworking. How can I keep my glue from freezing during these times?

Submitted by WOODreader2

We slapped together a glue warmer for less than 15 bucks with parts from a hardware store. Our shopping list: One styrofoam ice chest (or bait bucket), one night light, one thermometer. Cut a slot in the ice chest to accommodate an extension cord, plug the night light in so it dangles near the lid, and set the thermometer inside. Before trusting it with your glues, let the chest sit for a few hours in the cold shop, noting the temperature at regular intervals. If the temperature exceeds 70° F, punch holes in the lid until the temp stays between 55° and 70°. Then store your glue bottles in the ice chest.

Answered by caroline.jones