Bring the heat to clean up clamps

How can I remove dried-on glue from my bar clamps?

Submitted by WOODreader2

When you can’t just pop glue off with a putty knife, throw in a little heat or moisture. We get the best results using a heat gun, as shown below, to soften the glue; it peels off easily once warm enough. If you don’t have a heat gun—they sell for about $40 to $70—try a common hair dryer. It might take longer, though, depending on its heat output. You can also soften most wood glues by wrapping a hot, wet towel around the affected area. You’ll likely need to repeat the application a few times until the glue softens sufficiently, then scrape it off. Afterward, dry the clamp thoroughly to avoid rust and corrosion.

Answered by caroline.jones